Thursday, March 8, 2012

Dressing for Tucson's Unpredictable Weather

  It's been a heck of a year...a heck of a winter.  March rolled into Tucson, treading rather lightly, like a great horned owl...somewhat unpredictable.  In the last several days we've had cold weather, near freezes and beautiful in your face 70's temps.  

It's no wander everyone who lives in the Old Pueblo is poised to get sick this time of year.  You never know what you are going to get this time of year.  You need to be prepared.  Mornings are most of us go out with our coats on and turn the heat on in our cars.  As the day progresses, we strip...yes we do.  In my town, you must learn the theory of layer dressing.  This means I have my coat, maybe even hat and gloves on in the morning, but at lunch, I've ditched the hat and gloves to dress down to the long sleeved shirt I'm wearing underneath or a light sweater I keep in the car. 

By the drive home around 4 p.m.; I've ditched the long sleeve shirt to unveil the short sleeved one layered underneath....Because, now I'm hot.  Sadly, in the real summer, I will strip down to a tank top....and I don't care what my arms look know, it gets hot here, I'm just saying.

This morning I've got the heat going, but now I've got air conditioning on...or I'm cruising with the windows down...that is on those few roads in Tucson they are not performing construction miracles on.  Also, I always check the pollen and allergy tracker on the daily morning news...for those of us with allergies and/or asthma...this is critical.  On a bad day, the car is sealed tight, I sprint from it to where I'm going, and at home, I keep the doors and windows closed and sealed.  Survival baby.
Welcome to weather dressing...flexible outfits....heat and air-conditioning use and ups and downs...this is the dessert after all.  At least we don't have typhoons and tornados.  But have I told you about the dust storms?  OMG.  What a rush to be driving along the I-10 corridor, from Phoenix back home to Tucson, to suddenly have this huge cloud of debris overcome you and the road so you are now driving blind.  I don't know a better way to bring people back to God; the one time it happened to me I prayed for 10 miles.

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