Thursday, March 1, 2012

Tucson cactus killers...caught by PCSD


     I've been having one of those weeks...months...winters.  Have you?  If you've been around for 40+ years, you know some days, maybe even years just don't work. 

     For some inexplicable reason...maybe...a young man, soon to be 20, came to my house with another guy and two girls.  They pulled up out front, and to the side, where it's hard for me to see because of the house layout. 

   They tried to kill a humongous Peruvian cactus, on my property.   Seriously. 

     According to several neighbors, who witnessed the unprovoked attempted homicide on my plant, they were laughing and carrying on.  The two boys?  men?  came out of a black Lancer Evolution vehicle and tried to use their jackets to uproot this plant.  Mind you, I've had it for years.

    I originally got it as a baby in a pot.  Over the years it grew so big, I transplanted it to my front yard.  It's grown even so much bigger since, with almost 20 arms, over 6 foot tall and buds growing off the arms and continuing to grow from the roots. 

   The last few years I've decorated it every Christmas and put a dozen or so Santa and Elf hats on had personality.

   Anyway, due to the five-ten people who witnessed this activity...Sheriff's Deputy's were able to catch and arrest the driver in record time.  The person was so non-cooperative, the Deputy put handcuffs on him and booked him into jail.  Really.

    What did my cactus do to them?  Nothing.  But they destroyed it, laughing.

Curiously, about 1-2 weeks ago a young man came up behind while I was in the garage, bent over my trunk.  Something made me turn around.  When I did, there was a young man, arms out.  He said when I turned.."oh, I don't want to startle you..."

Curious, because if you don't want to startle a woman you don't come up behind her, and land up 2-3 feet away and not say a word till she happens to turn and notice you.

If you didn't want to startle me, young man, if you really needed to talk to me, you would have called me from the sidewalk..several feet away. 

When I asked him what he was doing there and what he wanted, as I walked towards him into the driveway where I felt at least people could see...he lied to me.  Finally, he told me he was collecting for "Teen Challenge".  I was very upset but remained civil and explained that I don't give to anyone or buy anything from anyone showing up unsolicited at my door.  He originally denied wanting anything...than said he was collecting donations and that Teen Challenge had helped him in the past.

I told him I was happy to hear he benefited and I would certainly look up the organization on the internet to see if it is one I should give to in the future.  He stared at me, and seemed about to challenge, his lips hardened, and then he stuck out his hand...and I shook it and he left.

Well, this week I called Teen Challenge.  They tell me that they don't send out solicitors alone, they are always in pairs or groups.  They stated that if someone came to my door alone, that is a red flag.

I won't even get into some of the other things that have happened this'd probably think you were reading old episodes from Peyton Place...or maybe..that Tucson is raining down black clouds on me....that bad.

So, I hope your year has been better.  And, by the way, the cactus killer was so obnixious and uncooperative with the Deputy Sherrif, they cuffed him and booked him into the Pima County Jail. often does that happen with a criminal property damage.  I have the greatest respect for PCSD officers/deputys and have worked with many of them over the years.  This guy had to have been a real jerk to have been arrested for this...................I'm just saying.

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