Thursday, June 14, 2012

Sergio D. Celis Calls Police To Report Daughter Missing

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     If you want to hear how Sergio described how his daughter was missing..."I believe a child was abducted from my house.................."  left click on the address above and go to the link.  He called and was redirected to a Dispatcher.  Initially he says his daughter was abducted.  Once referred to an appropriate resource, he calls her "a child..."

     In Tucson, we have several law enforcement agencies with different jurisdictions.  Possibly when he first called, someone asked him his address so as to refer to the appropriate local LE agency.

     His voice, reporting, tone and emotionality are interesting, in that he is even spoken, not hurried, and calm.  He is asked how tall she is and responds with his wife's height, 5 foot 2 inch.  The dispatcher tells him, no not your wife, your daughter.  Is that shock?

      He states right up front, without being asked, that he heard nothing weird.  He says his oldest son, the 14 year old, went running around to look to make sure.  He says he told his wife to "get her butt home" and giggles.  He notes the 10 year old is in the garage, waiting for his wife.

     He then gets distracted and says his wife is coming in.  He says she is talking to someone maybe the police and maybe she called them on her way home.  The Dispatcher pauses; then says, "oh, I think your son is calling in". 

      In one of the redacted police reports, it is written that one of their sons was canvassing the neighborhood looking for his sister, when a citizen noted him crying and spoke with him.  She offered the child her phone to call the police.  Then, the child's father (according to the citizen reportee) shows up in a truck and says that he will call the police.

      Sergio tells the Dispatcher his wife just came home and is hysterical.  He is told by the Dispatcher that a collection of officers in on their way and to stay home.  He says okay and hangs up.

     The mother calls Police and asks if anyone checked the Mexican border.  It seems that everyone in the home called the Police, on their own initiative, except for the 10 year old.

    If you haven't done so yet, check out some of the 500, redacted, Arizona, Tucson Police Department Reports originated since this child "disappeared".  Pay attention to the timeframes reported early on...and then later.  When did Sergio wake up?  He says 6 a.m. and notes he "didn't hear anything" and that his dogs would bark.  A neighbor notes her dog and his dogs were barking frantically around 6-6:30 a.m.

   When did he notice his daughter missing?  When did Becky/Rebecca go to work?  When was this "abduction" reported?  Did he go to wake Isabel up at 8 was reported...or earlier?

    Did Becky leave for work at 6:30 a.m., 7:00 a.m. or 7:30 a.m.?  Hard to really say since the family reports different times.  She states she didn't hear anything either.

     How long did their oldest son search for his sister in the neighborhood?  When did someone finally call Police? 

     Why was their daughter sleeping in this room alone, when she normally slept with her brothers?  Why is a camera turned towards the sky this particular morning, so missing anything that might have happened on the Celis home grounds.  How is it that when Police respond, one of Becky's family members is already there with his girlfriend?  Becky says she didn't check on her little girl before she left for work.

     Public records show that someone named Sergio D. Celis has a past criminal background involving drugs and someone named Rebecca Celis was arrested for DUI complicated by having children in the car with her.  Are these the parents...or not?  A cousin, Justin Mastriano (spelling may be differnt), stayed with the family last year....he also has a criminal background under his name.  Many people called Tucson police stating they knew the family and had suspicions either about the parents or people who visited their home.  Police say CPS was involved in December 2011.

    Although the Police have  been criticized for releasing their documentation too quickly, without proper redaction and various Tucson news channels have been accused of giving the public access to such least TPD did release something.  What about CPS?  Arizona law allows for release of records if a child dies...what about a suddenly missing child?

     It's barely two months now and Isa Celis is no longer news here in Tucson...nothing whatsoever in our local papers. 

     Come on....we still have a missing 6 year old....let's at least keep the news and search alive.  And tell us, what we do...the public, the people of Tucson to help?  Selling badges and ribbons may raise money but there's a lot of free workforce here in Tucson that will gladly do whatever to find this little girl.........if only someone would tell us what to do.  What say local law enforcement?  Isn't there some real and concrete way we can help and not let her fade into old news?

     In Texas, a 12 year old went missing a year and a half ago.  The community searched for her for months,  blogged, wrote, searched with police, helped and did everything to try to keep her memory alive, working with law enforcement and the media.  I know Tucson can do that and more.  Tell us what we can do and we'll all help....


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