Saturday, July 7, 2012

Another 6 year Old Taken From Her Bedroom

 Sierra Lynn Newbold, age 6
Isa Celis, age 6

It's not so long ago that Isabel Celis dissapeared from her bedroom.  She was only six years old.  A happy, pretty little girl who loved "girly things" per comments from her mother.

This time it happened in Utah on June 26, 2012.  Sierra Lynn Newbold was reported missing, in this case, by her mother.  Her father had already left for work. 

On June 28, 2012, it was reported that she was found dead in a canal, about 500 yards from her home.  She had been sexually assaulted.  She lived with her parents, older brother, two older sisters and one younger sister in a 5 bedroom home.  

It was surrounded by a high, maybe over 5 foot concrete block or wood fence, much like the Celis home. 

Like the Celis family, there is a plethora of sex offenders in the area of the Newbold home.  22 to be exact, in a 5 mile radius.  Like in the Celis case, no one has been ruled out, not even family.

This time, though, the child was found murdered but they do have some kind of DNA or blood evidence.  So hopefully, the perpetrator will be found.  Utah borders Arizona.  This is too close for comfort.   

It's said the family in Utah had a video system of some sort, or cameras on the property, too.  Was it not working as well that night?  Who would break and enter this fortress?  Same question in the Celis case.

I don't know about you, but I am incensed....sad and hoping this never happens again to another little girl.  Children should be cherished, honored, loved and protected.  To think there are horrible, and notice I don't say sick, people out there who would harm children is almost beyond comprehension.  But believe me, they do exist and they could look like any of us. 

Monsters come in all sizes, shapes and colors and they don't sport horns, normally.  Once someone hurts or assaults a child, they shouldn't ever be allowed to see the light of opinion.  But,  once they serve their time, they are supposed to register with local law enforcement - kind of like the honor system.  And, these "honorable" persons go on to live their lives...victims be damned. 

All doors and windows should be checked every night by a designated adult in the household.  Little children should be checked again, before the parents retire for the night and first thing in the the first one up, before anyone leaves for work.

Children need to be taught what to do, if someone tries to take them or hurt them.  Teach your children to run, to not be afraid.  Respecting elders, family members and others in your life is not as important as listening to what a child is saying...or not saying.  If your child doesn't like someone, or is rude to them, or avoids someone....take that as a signal...don't scold the child.  Be careful, it is our duty to protect them.

A couple of years ago, another little girl, this one a toddler, dissapeared from her bedroom too.  Daddy was at work and mommy was home.  She hasn't been found since. 

We all have to be aware and protect children and report anything unusual or concerning to the law enforcement agencies in our areas - you just never know who is out there.  Or, what is going on.  Take a minute, check it out. 

And, don't rule out relatives...traditionally people think they can trust extended family members.  Be darn sure you know who is coming into your home, who has keys to your home, who knows any codes on alarms and what their background is.

Let's again say a silent prayer for Isabel and hope that she will come home too, like Elizabeth Smart did.

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