Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Real World Super Heroes

We’ve grown up knowing that Super Hero’s exist or hoping that they do…because we’ve seen them.   Remember Superman, Batman, the Hulk, the Green Hornet…just some of the folks protecting us regular people from crime and evil in our comic books and on television?

Isn’t there a part of all of us that hopes, wishes, enjoys the flight of fantasy that suggest they exist.… or would want to be one of these good guys on the side of the angels?

Now that we’re at an age when our Super Heroes are the stuff of movie fantasy…with powers way and beyond…we realize that those special gifted ones don’t exist.  Couldn’t exist…the world and the criminals are too scary.
But, do they exist…still in these days?   I can remember a time, years ago, when Angels patrolled New York’s tough streets to be there as a symbol against crime.

Today I heard about some masked super heroes – people like you and me – but something pushed them over the edge and they decided not to let criminals rock the world.  Phoenix Jones, Purple Rain and Fanatos are just some of the few that have committed themselves to being street saviors…to be there to stop the actions of those who would harm others. 

No, they aren’t vigilantes.  Sometimes, like Phoenix Jones, they go out in groups and video what is going on – and land up getting thugs prosecuted.  They research where crime is likely to happen and lay in wait and catch the action.  If the police did that, they’d be accused of setting criminals up…but Super Heroes aren’t real law enforcement and they can tape what they want.  Just like you and me.
Phoenix Jones said something today that I have heard before, having worked for the Department of Corrections.  Most criminals do drugs, drink, smoke and/or don’t take care of their bodies.  Corrections officers in prisons and jails know that a duke it out between the incarcerated ones usually lands up with the combatants exhausted and hoping for lawful intervention.  So, Super Hero Jones  doesn’t try to chase down and beat them up; he doesn’t have to.   He runs alongside of them and calls 911…as the criminal becomes exhausted.

One thing I can say I agree with…we all need to be more aware and responsive  to what happens in our neighborhoods.  We need to be brave, to call the proper authorities and demand that criminals not rule our streets.

 If we all reported on the questionable things we see…there would be less crime.  You don’t have to be a Super Hero to call a  law enforcement agency.  The scariest thing is to imagine a world where people are robbed, raped, murdered, assaulted…with witnesses present who are too afraid to report.  Get armed with a cell phone and help the police do their job…without going beyond and hurting yourself.

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