Monday, September 9, 2013

Wrestling with Demons

The Angel in the elevator shoved me from behind

He was tall with broad wings that brushed both walls

A crowd was in there with us, but they kept safely to the side

The Angel never said a word as my heels fought the path as I was dragged along the floor

My heart sunk as the doors opened and the floor below me disappeared a few feet away

We opened to only sky, endless.  And only one way out

I had to fly.  Could I?  Do we all go out this way?

I’m terrified and feeling judged

Maybe it is my time to die

I shrieked and whaled against the cosmos, I’d sure been here before

Then I heard from somewhere, was it in my head?  Not your time now.

The doors shut and clanked down opening at the main floor

Some left and how I struggled to go with them, but it wasn’t my fate

Before I could get to the front, those iron gates closed in again

No more angels surrounding me, but still not alone

More scared souls stood with me, as the door slid closed and down we rode

It opened to the darkness, more frightening than the sky

And I saw the boiler’s fire, garbage cans lining the length of the blacked out hall

No, I screamed, let me go…I will not be burned again

And as I cried in ultimate despair a higher power lifted me and gave me sweetened air

Prison doors closed and the shaft rose to the upper floor

My escape route beckoned

And though I feared the outside almost as much as the terror below and above

I know there are other routes that will put me in the ground - sooner

Here I have a chance – no longer on my own – the spirit is with me

And it will remind me so
Copyright @ 2013 Pat F. N. A. as Patabit


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