Thursday, July 10, 2014

Are you trying to find your Irish roots?

I don’t mean your dark, blonde, or gray roots; I’m talking your Hibernian or Celtic roots.  Well, let me share with you some on-line resources to help you.  Many are free.  The ones I’ve listed below that are not, I have annotated as such.  Site such as of course, are not free and you do need to have some idea where your ancestors, Irish or not, came from and ideas of dates and areas of birth and/or residence to make progress, but they can be very helpful if you can spend the money and might be a good kick starter place.  You can keep the information once you leave the site after your subscription ends. 

Good look with your search.  Check back with me in the future for how to find your Mexican and Hispanic roots as that is my next venture.


1:            Ask About Ireland           Griffith’s Valuation – A free searchable database of tenants and landowners in Ireland from 1848-1858.  A great resource.

2:            Irish             This just came on-line and is free.  I haven’t used it much yet, so can’t vouch for accuracy as yet or usefulness.

2:            Family            This is actually another search site of the Latter Day Saints, who do the Ancestry Site, but it is free, but it has different records…oddly, and it has free family tree software and an option…if you chose to upload your own family research for other people to compare their records to.

3:            National Archives, census of Ireland      Now has records, earlier ones more limited, for the years 1821, 1831, 1841, 1851, 1901, and 1911.  The earlier records are very limited, but helpful.

4:            From             Free Irish records search   Has sections on different counties, plus one large one on Dublin; sections on civil records and gravestones, etc.           

6:            Find my Past                                            

7.            Bob’s genealogy webpage  Free record search

8.            The Landed Estates Web site    A free searchable, online database of all Landed Estates in Connacht and Munster, maintained by the Moore Institute for Research in the Humanities and Social Studies, National University of Ireland, Galway.


9.            Rootsweb Guide to Irish Genealogy            A guide to Irish genealogical research is a project of the Fianna Study Group for Irish Genealogy and was begun as a study project for  Genealogy Course #33 at Virtual University for the fall 1997 term, and is being added to constantly.  Searches are free.

10.          Ellis Island Web site       Free search of emigrant arrivals                      

11.          Failteromhat     General free Irish search resource with varied banks of information including lists of Irish flax growers and their home regions, land owners in 1876, and multiple trade directories


12.          United States Government         family research and genealogy research website

13.          The National Archives   US Government on-line searchable database includes United States Census records, military records, etc.                                                                                                             

14.          Compilation of Genealogy Search Links for Irish Counties  

15.          Ireland’s history in maps              Ancient maps of Ireland’s topography and counties

16.          Roots Ireland     Lots of information and links, but searches aren’t free; take a look anyway for yourself.  Great if you need help with things like Irish naming conventions, pet names and translations and/or are looking for official records and need the on-line links to go to.


17.          Leitrim Roscommon Genealogy Page     Free searchable on-line search site with links for other Irish and American websites for family searches


18.          My Naughton Family line in Ireland        A webpage built by Bill Naughton, who was researching his own family roots in Ireland.  He gives a wonderful history of the Naughton family/ancient tribes in Ireland back to ancient times and illustrates how he went back several generations to find his routes.  A very helpful man.

19.          The National Library of Ireland        

20.          Irish Genealogy Toolkit                       

21.          Genealogy Forum                                 

22.          The Irish Times       

24           Ireland Genealogy Projects Online                

25.          Cyndi’s List         Free Genealogy Link List      

26.          Genebase                                                                 

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