Friday, October 21, 2011

Nordstrom Rack - Tucson is in the big time now

Tucson is hitting the big time. Every time you turn around, a new restaurant, retailer or national chain operation is opening a branch here.  Right in the Old Pueblo, not the Capitol, Phoenix, the only recognized Arizona territory in the rest of the country (well maybe to the Legislature here too...), but in our own small big little city/town back yard.
First came Krispy Kreme Donuts and then In and Out Hamburgers, each opening to great hoopla and creating huge traffic jams around their respective outlets.  One thing Tucsonans do is come out...for anything new or it food or somewhere to shop.  We're passionate about causes too, but we love to eat and see and experience new things.
On October 13, Nordstrom Rack opened to great fanfare and speculation.  Everyone wondered.  Will it be as good as Nordstroms? Will it be like that other big well-known wholesale off-rack retailer in town that is still a little too pricey and somewhat too trendy for us?
Well, they were prepared, magnificently.  There had to have been 20 cashiers available, waving big flags the second they helped a customer, letting shoppers know who was free immediately, so no one actually waited in a line.  There was staff on the sales floor too, actually doing things and offering help, now that's something you don't see much of anymore. However, best of all was the range of merchandise and price points.  In addition, they had some excellent buys. Versace's Bright Crystal fragrance was selling for $39.99. Beautiful leather designer handbags were half price.  Every item of apparel you could think of was there, including the basics the main store is known for, at reasonable prices.
A second H & M opened at the Park Place mall this week. The first one opened at Tucson Mall. The retailer is well known and popular in Europe and in other states across the East coast. Five Guys Burgers, another big East coast burger chain, opened here recently. An incredible new restaurant, Brio, built its own structure and opened this past year just outside the Tucson Mall.
The Old Pueblo is starting to get the kind of variety that some of us used to drive to Phoenix to experience.  But, we're not Phoenix.  Tucson is still the big, little town we all know and love. Somehow, you get to know people here. It's a town that is diverse, open, caring and populated with intelligent, thoughtful citizens that are tolerant and accepting of newness, change, differences. We have everything going for us here.
Come on over and bring your business, the air's warm...but it's a dry heat and we love new places to patronize.

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