Sunday, November 13, 2011

Suck it

  A rainy, cold day in Tucson, Arizona...yes...for all my friends on the East Coast and in Ireland and around the's not hot and sunny in the Southwest all of the year. 
  Today, I shopped with a person close to me, who shall remain nameless and we had a good time.  Nothing better I like (outside of dressing and shopping for myself) than shopping and dressing someone else.

  I feel I made progress, as I convinced the nameless person to try other colors (outside of beige, pink and black) to try other styles (outside of basic shirts and tees) ...despite such protests as....I can't wear that, I don't know, it's not my style, I've never worn anything like that, and no, that wouldn't look good on ULTIMATELY try some different things.............and to find some items out of the comfort some as future possiblities. 

  How fun is that?  By the way, I am for hire.  It's only lately occured to me that everyone wants to take me shopping, but nobody is buying me anything.

What else is up?  I shall be visiting la familia in Nueva York.....should be interesting and most .... stressing. 

  Y tambien, I realize I don't know how to use this new tool (FACEBOOK et al) , as I seem to be playing a game I didn't intend to participate in nor ask to play,  called 21 questions...and I don't know how that happened. 

  Making things worse, I believe I misread a question and answered yes to saying yeah, I'd bump a girlfriend of mine..........and later realizing what that actually meant.........seriously, I am not bi-sexual or over sexed or crazy, I'm a tad too fast on the trigger in answering test questions and honestly, sometimes don't really read them before I whoever you are.........I actually don't have the hots for you. 

  I am a married lady and have no interest in that.........I am just a hyper little bitch who doesn't follow instructions very well or usually doesn't even read them, no offense intended, I'm sure you are really hot to many people, just not me, not that you are not, you're just not my type, not that I have a type, I have a man to whom I am married, and am not interested and so you get my point.  I r arhd.

  To top that all off...I have made a friend with someone with which I do not even share a common language...who I thought I actually knew.....and am now terrified may be a drug lord or something and how does that happen?  And, OMG, does he think he knows me, or should.....or what?  And what if I did meet him some time some where?  I don't want to unfriend him if I actually do know him...I thought I did, he has the same name as the person I thought he was.......and/or again, I'm very fast on the trigger and mix up numbers too, so, did I pick his name, when I should have picked my real friend whose name was below.  This goddam FB is truly dangerous.

  How many of you read Pickles in the Sunday comics.  Today, daughter (grown and on her own) asks mom, who is 60 ish...nowhere near my age of course...."I see you are using Facebook and you texted Aunt Pearl".

  "I did" says mama.  "Well" says daughter, "I'm sorry her cat died....I thought it was a little harsh of you to tell her you feel her loss...and then to end that with LOL."

"What do you mean?"

"Mom, do you even know what LOL means?"

"Yes, lots of love."

"What?!...No, it's laughing out loud....."

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.  What a difference a mere decade makes.  God help us baby boomers, we are in for a rough ride aren't we?  When the hell did the language change?  How did all the computers grow up in the last 20 years? 

  They had computers in my really, when I was in college, but the damned things didn't talk then...matter of fact, you had to learn how to teach was called programming.  It was a special language, and you fed it to the stupid machines and then they spat back what you wanted.
Now, 5 year olds play with computers and you need them to teach you social networking.  However, we boomers, lived through the 60's and 70's, through big hair and the 80s and disco, and we're tough, so we shall learn and we will prevail...just give us time.

  But here's the real news kids, WE ARE THE MAJORITY, SO SUCK IT. 

  And one day soon, we will create our own language and we're not going to tell anyone under'll have to figure it out...cause we are what's happening...say it's people.

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