Friday, November 25, 2011

It's the day AFTER Thanksgiving and if you are the average American, you've already been out hitting the malls, chasing after the bargain buys and scoping out the merchandise sitting on the shelves. Me, I haven't left the house yet, though I've thought about it and been preparing to do so for the last two hours, sort of. Accept, I got side tracked.

I got hungry, so had to find the plate with the left over turkey and stuffing. But, I didn't have any real rolls, only those brown and bake rolls you have to put in the oven first and they're tiny. I considered eating them without heating but wasn't sure if they might kill me-you know they could have raw eggs in them or something, so, I had to find Reynolds wrap and heat the oven and all that.

Well, since I was doing that, I figured I'd run the vacuum quick since one of my guests yesterday was a dog, no not one of your people dog types but a real animal dog. I, being the allergic sort, figured I might as well get up any shedded hair now.

Then, cause I didn't want to get bored or waste time while eating, I fired up the laptop. Sitting down with my two teeny, tiny sandwiches, I figured why not update the blog's template. What hell. I'm new to blogging and have tried this before but honest to God don't have a lot of patience and it means you have to sit still for a while and might have to actually read directions, which I don't really care to do.

So, it's 2:59 p.m. now and I promised the husband I'd pick him up at Dobb's Honda at 5 p.m. because the CRV's door locks keep wanting to open and close. I think we may have a poltergeist that can't make up it's mind if it wants to stay or go. Who knows.

So, I really need to get a move on. But since I'm here already, I thought I'd wish you and all of yours, your people I mean, and dogs, cats, pigs, birds and coats (not your mice and gerbils...or snakes because, come on, they're not really pets, you are delusional) a wonderful holiday weekend and a safe one and good luck with those bargains if you are out there shopping.

I'd suggest you just check it out online unless you are a glutton for punishment and like to be out there in crowds, trolling for parking spaces and pushing and shoving and searching for scraps.

Actually, I'm jealous of those who actually could get up and move last night and go to Best Buy, Walmarts and all those places and get 40" $200 big screen televisions. I guess I'm pretty unmotivated, but I ate a lot, and I did the cooking too so I have an excuse and you know, I've been there and done it. I'd rather read the book. You couldn't pay me to be 20 again. I know a good thing when I got it.

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