Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Ruby is a Gem - Shopping on Cyber Monday

Ruby is a Gem

The other day I was at Penny’s for a look-see.  You know what I mean.  It was cyber Monday.  If I’m not mistaken…mind you, I could be, but - cyber means pretend, virtual and/or computer generated.  How funny.  We have Black Friday, which I’ve been to and done in past years.  This year, the day after Thanksgiving, I didn’t even leave my house until 3:30 p.m.  After cooking and entertaining, I had no urge to shop and no need for anything.  I ventured out to pick up my husband at the Honda dealer, where he left our CRV.  You see, it has a poltergeist that insists upon locking and unlocking the doors as we drive.

However, let me get back to Penny’s, JC that is.  I was hunting for the right sort of poncho or short wide sleeved sweater that works for Tucson weather.  I have many tops with wide butterfly sleeves.  My arms aren’t long, so I don’t want tight long sleeves.  I can’t take anything too heavy, because I get hot in an instant.  My internal thermostat is broken.  I am hot one minute and cold the next.

I can’t tolerate wool, cashmere or rabbit hair, as I’m allergic and the fibers irritate my nose.  I don’t want anything too plain, as I prefer a little flair.  I’m not into Nordic wear because I don’t care to look like a snowflake.  It can’t be too big or long, or it would overwhelm me.  I’m on the petite side.  However, I don’t want a tiny junior thing.  I like blues, black – with a little touch of another color, some shades of purples, but don’t like autumn colors like rusts and greens.  I’d also been looking for gifts for one of my relatives and keeping my eyes open for other possibilities.

Not that I’m fussy, but I know what I want.  When it came to the poncho/sweater, I knew what would work for me.  So.  Did I mention I refuse to spend over $75 for said article?  Okay, maybe, maybe I might bump up to $80 if it made my heart skip and brought me to my knees. 

I didn’t find exactly what I was looking for, or anything close and I’ve been to every store in Tucson.  However, I did find a black fleece poncho, with actual wide sleeves that fasten and a fur-trimmed hood that looked adorable on me.  And it was on sale cyber Monday.

So, I brought it to checkout, where I met Ruby the cashier.  As I waited in line, I noted she wasn’t in a big hurry with the customer ahead of me.  They seemed to be having a great conversation, so naturally I was annoyed.

Until it was my turn.  Now Ruby is one of those women that we all have to have met in our lives, been friends with, worked with or known in one way or another.  She is in a word, a gem.  She asked me, “How are you doing today hon?” to which I replied, “tired”.  She said, “Tired, you can’t be tired shopping, you’re not supposed to feel tired when you’re out shopping”. 

This started a great conversation as we are roughly within 10-20 years of the same age and could relate.  Yes, shopping can get old and walking the mall isn’t nearly as fun as it was when I was 25. 

So, Ruby says to me, “you know, I tell people, don’t get me something to get me something okay?  My sister and me just give each other money Christmas and we get what we want.  It’s just too much.  And, if you are knowing your girlfriend for 50 years and you don’t know what to get her, just get some little household thing and then put a gift certificate in that so she can get what she wants.  Or if you know your aunt likes those cat pictures on her walls, then go to the picture store and get her a little certificate so she can buy her own cat picture. 

I tell my family, don’t try to buy me no jewelry or clothing; you don’t know what I like.  But now, if I tell you sometime, ooh, I like that...when we’re out somewhere or travelling and you want to go back and buy me that, well that’s okay, cause I wanted that.  But don’t buy me something to buy something.  None of us need any more things people buy just to buy …so, just get them a little gift certificate and let them buy what they want, that’s what I say.  Now that little poncho you got here, I bought me six of them last year after Christmas.  They were about a quarter of the price they are now.  I just love them.  I get the employee discount.  I tell my family just get me a certificate for Penny’s and I’ll buy me something after Christmas.  I know, it’s just too exhausting.  So, don’t you tire yourself out, get them a certificate.  Don’t run around unless you know exactly what they want like if they collect something special.  Like, if you got a cousin who collects cows or something and you were out with her one time when you were in Nashville and she said……..” 

I bid goodbye and Merry Christmas to Ruby.  She wished me a happy holiday and seemed to mean it.  Despite the fact that so much has changed over the years, some things haven’t.  Ruby reminds me of home, friends, family and the past.  I hope she never changes.  Thanks Ruby.

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