Sunday, January 15, 2012

Morgan Freeman, our special American talent, receives the Cecil B. De Mille Award

Cecil B. De Mille Award

The Cecil B. De Mille was first awarded in 1952, before I was born.  Way back then, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association decided to establish a special, prestigious award for outstanding contributions to the world of entertainment. 

To examine the list of winners over the years, is to review the Masters in our incredible history of motion picture, our history as Americans and the changes that have transformed our nation over the years and the exceptional performances by greatly admired and beloved stars that document who we were as a people, where we were and how far we’ve travelled.

This year, 2012, the award went to Mr. Morgan Freeman, a much beloved, talented and versatile actor and humanitarian.  I don’t think there was a dry eye in the house when this special tribute was given to a man every American recognizes. 

Mr. Freeman is a man who is so respected and admired; a man who is so a part of our culture and a man who though his work, has pioneered new frontiers in the very fabric of our society.   

He played our President and, yes...even our God in films.  And we believed this man could be either.  Mr. Freeman is revered as an incredible American actor and representative of our nation;  a man who most of us look up to, admire and let’s be honest…have the greatest trust and faith in.  We would buy anything he represents…any product that he feels is worthy of our attention, because that is how powerful and personally significant he is to all of us. 

Seldom has there been an actor of such influence, who has captured our hearts and minds…an actor with such a familiar and endearing persona, we all feel we know him.

How lucky is our nation to be blessed with such passionate, influential, caring, talented and beloved people?  How you could you not love Morgan Freeman?     At 74, he is at the pinnacle of his talent, a man that would be on the Top 10 list of Americans we would want to meet, have dinner with and thank.  Yes, thanks.

  Because Morgan, you have given me and our great country so many precious gifts over the years; memories that will always be in our hearts.  The by-product of your incredible talent. Is the love you have generated, the love that sees no color, no age, the love that is binding us as a people and nation – the love of a special man, who is ours and ours only.  You make me proud to be an American.    Thank you and God Bless.

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