Monday, January 16, 2012

From Where I Came

I was born In August....around the time of the invasion of Mars by the Kukaliriianeabs. My peoples traveled across the great Atlantic Ocean to settle upon these shores.

Raised in the tradition of the Celtic peoples of Roscommon, including the Irish Naughton cattle clan and the Black Irish Flynn’s, hailing from Spain, I became fearless, creative, hyperactive, challenging, poetic and ever an enigma.

And importantly, well loved by the wee people of the homeland, the fairies and by my most espoused spousal unit.

I married, moved, moved, and moved, worked, worked, worked, had fun, loved, worked, traveled and retired and here I am on a new adventure. How great is life?

I retain my sanity against extreme odds and revel in my love of people, dogs, cats and birds.

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