Monday, January 16, 2012

Rainy days and Tucson: Jazzed Weather Movie

Well fellow Tucsonans. What do you think of today's Tucson weather? It was kind of chill and rainy. The whole day was mostly overcast and the temperature was in the fifties. It reminds me of living in Alexandria, Virginia - a little. Except winter rainy cloudy days on the East Coast are a whole lot colder and grim. And, they go on forever and ever...days, weeks, let's face it...months.

The great thing about Tucson is we get those days, but it's usually just for a day...and the next day could be sunny, clear and chill.  You got to love it.  I didn't used to love the rain, but I love it here.  Rain comes in so many different flavors in the Old Pueblo.  We got our light, cold winter rains; our thundering, blow out the speakers, soaking Monsoon rains and pleasant little summer rains.

Variety is the red pepper flake of life.  I like nothing better...well, some things, than a cool, gray winter day splashed with rain...when I can be home and hunker down and watch it out the window.  I used to feel the same way about snow when I lived in New York, Colorado and Virginia.  Nice if you didn't have to go anywhere and could luxuriate in atmosphere.

Hallelujah rain Gods..and thank you for the memories.

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