Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Tucson Blog Abyss and Who’s Reading This...are you there around the about my Filipino connection?

Reflections of Patabit aka Tucsoname, The World, NY, UK, Germany, Roscommon ties and lack of Filipino connection

  Greetings readers and those who made the decision to look up something – God only knows what.   You got sent to my Blog, Patabit, at Google.  I want to thank all 800 of you or the 70 or so of you who have visited 800 times from all over the world.  I appreciate you!!  All of you, and if you were here, in my hometown...we could be friends, or go out to eat or chat … or whatever.  I could teach you my language and you could teach me yours...I am trainable.

Lately I’ve been thinking of moving my Blog to another space in the Cosmic Media World.  I'm not sure if I am reaching the people I’d like to reach and if anyone can find me. 

I’ve been blogging since October 2011...4 months almost...and I have to say, those of you who (sorry) tripped into my space and then continued to hunt for me are special people. 

Back then, a friend and writing teacher said to me, “Patabit” she said (I am changing my name to protect the innocent – not me but other people), “why are you putting your short stories on Facebook?  You should start a blog and put them there.”

A Blog?  I wasn’t sure what the Hell a blog was.  I kind of do now.  But, I get all excited with new adventures and if someone I respect recommends a course of action, I am inclined to investigate it.

I said investigate, not think logically – review – compare – or form a plan.  So, I googled, yes GOOGLED, “How to create a blog”.  You see, I had no idea how to proceed.  Maybe a month or so prior to this, I thought about taking an on-line class of instruction on how to write a blog.  But, I looked ONLY, and then life got in the way and I got distracted. 

Because that’s what I do.  And, I’m thinking there’s a whole lot of you out there with the same problem.

It is called “Ready, Fire, Aim”.  Or, “Huh, I don’t know, I’m not really ready, but the heck with it, let’s do it, and we can aim at the target later."  

So, of course, I did just that.  I googled, found Google has a site to make blogs, along with some others…but I didn’t know them, so, having been previously introduced to Google, I entrusted my Blog Birth to them.

Between October and the end of December, I changed my Blog colors, arrangement, templates, gadgets and widgets. Whatever…many, many times.  My first website was so ADD…you know what I mean, that it’s almost funny to remember…of course, I didn’t think to record my early ventures.   (ADD is a congenital/or not medical disease and means "And distracted and dreamy").

In the old days of October, 2011, I thought lots of color, interesting shapes and templates were all important.  I had no idea what I was doing or how to do it, and would add things, resize, loose them and start over and then, what the heck, since I’m starting again, let me change all the colors and fonts. 

It’s called “work in progress”.  I figured since I wasn’t getting any comments, no one noticed, no one was reading my Blog anyway.

Duh, uh, someone is…either 800 someone’s, or 60/70 or so repeaters.  I don’t know cause it’s only recently, this month, I found the thing called page views which tells me how many times my page was viewed.  And, within a week of that major discovery, damn….I found that Google tracks what countries the views are originating from.

So, thank you Russia, for being my 2nd biggest viewer/viewers. Thank you Germany, you are number 3, and United Kingdom (which for those of you who don’t know includes England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales), bully for you and me...”look at the head on ya" you're a brilliant number 4.   Come on people, get on it, I have family in your places.

And thank you all you other countrypersons out there.   Here are where my viewers are coming from and the number of times they peeked.

1.    United States       

o   735

2.    Russia                   

o    43

3.    Germany        

o   9

4.    United Kingdom  

o   5

5.    Latvia             

o   2

6.    Brazil            

o   1

7.    Ecuador      

o   1

8.    Indonesia    

o   1

9.    South Korea

o   1

10. Malaysia      

o   1

Sorry, I had to throw in a bit of foreign language….for those UK types (blimey, are you daft?  the head on ya reference.).  

I really only speak English, American slang, Brooklynese, New Yorker, Pig Latin, Spanish (sort of), a wee bit of Italian, and barely some Gaelic and Irish slang and five words in French, which no one in Paris would acknowledge understanding...they are so stuck up there.  (I kid you not, this was even at a retail establishment...they could care less if I bought anything, after all, I was a bloody American tourist). 

And please, I liked other French people...outside of the city  so don't get all touchy you France people, okay, I do realize you have a wonderful museum there and many good looking, friendly men people, not to mention some good food and Tango dancers.) 

  Anyway, I love you other countries too and would love to come visit one day. I just need the airfare, so if you want to start a collection, you wouldn’t have to feed me when I’m there…I can handle that.  And, I'm not keen on staying with strangers..or family for that matter, so I'll get my own hotel, so less expense.

 I actually can say I love you in German, Spanish.  French, and Filipino.   I’m not sure why I’m not getting hits in the Philippines, but ”Ini ibig kita” anyway…(that’s a phonetic spelling as I don’t know how the hell to spell it in Philippine...or Filipino for you purists.) 

And, I do like, and am an official member of the Moymoy Palaboy site…for those of you who know what that is…they are the greatest and most versatile singers…ever, and Crank that and put it in your hat if you don’t agree.  So my lack of Filipino connection on my Blog is disturbing.

Anyway, I’ve totally forgotten what my point is here, but I’m sure it was important to me.  Oh, I remember something…I purposely didn’t put in something that makes people say who they are and what their e-mail and favorite color is, cause I just wanted people free to jump in and comment, particularly to say, “I loved this piece…wow, I agree…you’re so funny…thanks for the information….”  Blah, blah. 

More than I cared where the comments were coming from.  So, no one commented and albeit as heretofore mentioned (I speak lawyerese too) I thought no one was reading/looking at my Blog. 

And people are…amazing.  So, tell me, what can I do for you…blog wise I mean, like what are you interested in hearing about.  Cause I can make up just about anything…I mean, I have a vivid imagination…what I actually mean is that I can write about different stuff and in different ways.  I just need someone to talk to me…please. 

And no Trolls, I learned the other day that these are bad people, who have nothing better to do than wonder the web and aggravate people.  So, if you’re a Troll, go to the nearest troll place and get lost, okay. 

I want to hear what real people have to say.  I am so lonely.   And I have to go like right away, cause I forgot to plug in the laptop and just got a little message that I’m running out of power. 

Also, if you just want to B … at me, or are in a Bad mood, or if you are a kind of English language/grammar nerd or one of those perfectionist types…I don’t take criticism well.  I am likely to cry, so be kind…I am, Patabit, and hoping for a kinder, gentler world…after all. 

copywrite Patabit

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