Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Resolutions Sort of....

My New Year’s Resolutions


1.  I resolve to use the calendar book gifted me this Christmas to
schedule routine daily activities, exercise, writing time, play dates/lunch
and appointments and I plan to do that possibly today or tomorrow.

2.  I will take charge of my time…better charge…no more time warps.

3.  I plan to exercise first thing each morning, right after
breakfast…maybe a few minutes, half hour, or so, after my food
settles – and I’m starting tomorrow.

4.  I will cut down on sugar and eat no more than one dessert a night.
5.  I may go to the gym, starting one
morning per week, next week, I’m pretty sure.

6.  I will try to stay on task and not get distracted after
I finish doing just a few little things and
catch up on some other stuff and go shopping.
7.  I will read about raising a puppy and take notes in the dog
book I got from my sister-in-law and use cute
stickies to bring my attention to important information and pages
as soon as I can figure out where I put the book.

8.  I will take everything out of my closet, as they advise
in magazines, get organized and optimize my wardrobe,
just as soon as I can clear a path
on the closet floor to get in
and access the stuff that’s hung up.
9.  I will continue to enjoy not actually making resolutions, but
saying things to myself at this time of year like…

Today is the first day of the rest of my life….
Today I will start a new health, physical fitness and eating routine…
I will try to eat well and I will exercise regularly….
I will focus more….
Don’t you feel better?  I know I do.
Happy New Year

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