Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Computers, viruses, Face book, lions, tigers and bears...oh no!!!

Patabit with Lighted Church on Shoulders..huh?

Lions and tigers, Facebook and viruses...oh no!!!
          Just thought I'd do a short post today to talk (kvetch) about the recent computer hell we've visited.

My laptop has been acting progressively more persnickety and erratically for the last week or so...perhaps longer.   I thought it was user error.

  However, I lost my Outlook account last week.  I also have been getting requests to adopt a new version of Adobe Flash player for a long time.  I just found out that is a common Facebook virus.  I found out when I got a ridiculous message from the Face Book people (actually I'm not sure there are peoples among the administrators, has anyone actually seen or talked to one?) 

       I'm having trouble with crashing inexplicably.  I can't access my blogs consistently.  On Sunday and Monday this week, we spent hours with the Geek Squad, those computer crime fighters, who informed us that my laptop...not my PC evidently, (but I wonder), is loaded with viruses and spyware.  It took hours over two days to get rid of them all.

      How does that happen?  I naively thought since we have Norton Anti-Virus, and a whole Constant Guard protection package, that I was safe.  I don't open or click on links or emails from people I don't know.  I don't invite strangers into my networks.   I know that a little bit too much knowledge and a trigger finger is dangerous in the cyber world.

    With anti-virus software, you get notified, usually ---- of security threats.  I guess the proliferators of viruses, junk emails,  spyware, and scams have nothing better to do than spend time to come up with ever new stuffus interuptus to penetrate and harm your computer - faster than these anti-virus commandos can keep up with them.  And, it can get pretty bad...pretty fast.

     I just got another ridiculous FACEBOOK e-mail that wasn't accurate and tried to contact them to alert them.  They may have nice little security pages and lots of places to link to - but paralleling the proverbial stereotypical, unsocial, isolated computer GEEKOID, they have no place at all to have an interactive session, where you can actually communicate in any type of real time with any of them.  You land up in unending loops leading nowhere, or back to where you started. 

     They do allow you press a button for yes/no (is this helpful? is their question).   I'm not sure why they bother; because if you respond by hitting the no, it sends you an onscreen response along the lines of Thank you...we will use your information to improve.   They don't let you actually send them information on what you'd like or need to see improved,  to explain what your problem is or to elaborate beyond no..  So, come on, what could they improve without having any feedback from their customer?  Talk about a closed network.

   Anyway, this is it, my short rant and observations about ridiculous and annoying things for today.  All this technology; it keeps getting bigger and allegedly better, but nothing works on a dependable basis.  It's like Detroit and the very early days in the car industry.  

     People, there are not just glitches, there are major, major problems and too many people creating and throwing things out on the WWW before they know what the issues are.   Clicker, searcher, web browser user....beware.  You are not alone.  

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