Thursday, February 16, 2012

Tucson artsy's in the air...becoming artsy fartsy

I don't know if I mentioned this, since I no longer have a consistent, reliable memory of any sort...but I've become quite artsy fartsy.  Now some of you will say, "what the hell is that".  I pity that you're not familiar with the art world dialect...I'm just saying I think I'm into arting out.  No, not being a crafter, to me that's kind of well... boring.

But my newest fun is to create personalized umm pictures, in frames, for people I care about.  I started it at a low level of intensity some months ago...back in September.  My sister-in-law was I think, my first recipient and she loved it.  But she got a fairly tame version of my new art.

There's nothing more special than creating something for someone that is personal and pretty and done by your own hands.  If I could make clothes, I would.  So I make my pictureoids.  See the snaps I made of a couple of my pieces, for special people, hard to see but you may get the gist.

My next project is for a special young lady who will be 16...WARNING.. just saying, but it's going to be something else CJ......

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