Thursday, March 29, 2012

Is Writing Art....Reflection...Compulsion...Birth?

I'm Just Thinking....

     What is art?  I had to stop and think about this after reading a comment posted in the Aspiring Writer’s Blog, by Yaman Saleh, an investor, poet and author from Canada.  Yaman calls writing expression and art that has the power to influence minds and hearts. 

I was surprised by a commentator who views writing as a basic and compulsive duty, “rarely rising to the level of art” and resembling more of a dull, research oriented activity that demands broad knowledge of a subject.

In my opinion and we all have one…speaking in a strictly scientific and logical manner, art can be what you see, touch, feel, read and hear. 

It is the creative and sometimes sweaty outcome of man/woman’s inner life and innate drive to birth what is in the soul and offer to the world to view as it will.  The world can choose - one individual at a time - to enjoy, ponder, learn from, derive hope from, to be inspired by, saddened, or frightened by art and to reflect on the meaning and one’s reaction to it. 

The individual decides whether art touches something inside, if it will move them to a change – either in action, thought, will or perspective.  Art is that and more.  It is creation.

Logically, according to the Webster’s II New College Dictionary, last copyright 2001, art is ‘all that’ and a noun.  One of the definitions therein provided reads art is “a system of principles and methods used in the performance of a set of activities….”   Writing does have principles and methods that one uses to perform the activity of putting words on paper.

Further, it is “a conscious arrangement or production of sounds, colors, forms, movements or other elements in a way that affects the aesthetic sense.”   Writing certainly is a conscious effort and it affects others visually, intellectually and emotionally. 

It may be appreciated or not, since we each experience it through the filter of our inner wisdom, awareness and feelings.  Webster goes on to define art as “a high quality of conception or execution, as found in works of beauty.”  Definition number five describes art as “a field or category of art, as literature, music, or ballet.” 

Clearly, as with most things in life, what is art to me may be banal and trite to you.  I don’t know if everyone has a clear vision and a mission as to all they produce, all the time.  I sometimes create art that in the process leads me to a very different and unexpected final product.  At times I have a distinct vision and mission that leads me to generate something that can affect minds, change lives or provide context and meaning that leads towards better understanding, personal growth and reflection. 

Art is art.  It is often hard work.  Ultimately it is the elusive, persistent, compulsive desire to reach out and share with others and therein release inner demons, conflicted thoughts, hopes, joys and dreams.  It is our yearning to communicate the invisible world within us – and maybe if we are lucky, we bring an epiphany to our audience.

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