Tuesday, March 27, 2012

On Writing Distractions

Distracted by scary things...do you want candy?
Do you suffer from distraction?  I do.  Sometimes I don’t even know I’m ailing.  Like today.  I started out intending to write, as suggested by, “The Artist’s Way,” a book I’ve read.  The goal is to produce three longhand pages per day, each morning, without censoring yourself.  It’s a practice method and a way to unleash your creativity.  I never handwrite myself, unless I’m out and about and using one of my notebooks.  I have a horrible time reading my own penmanship. 

So, I began.  I titled my page and dated it.  The start of this simple exercise unleashed more than my imagination.  Just naming a page set me off on a huge adventure on the Internet. 

I don’t know what diverted me from the page and started it or how I got where I got.  Distraction can be a diversion such as entertainment or a hobby, or merely an interruption or interference.   Supposedly, it can be caused by agitation, confusion and bewilderment.  Well, I do get confused and bewildered.  I wasn’t this morning. 
I guess distraction is a pastime for me.  It’s my leisure activity.  I do it even when I am working and not scheduled to relax.  I like to say scheduled, though I actually have no written schedule.  It’s something I mean to do when I stop getting distracted by other things. 

It’s not even like it’s relaxing for me; I usually travel great lengths on the web.  I find stuff and copy and paste and create documents.  I follow links and follow the links on the links.  I compose emails and communicate. 

This is what I did, instead of writing.  I surfed.  I don’t know why they call it surfing.  For me, it’s more like going on a sea hunt during a storm.  I am compelled to move forward, but can’t keep the boat on track.  I veer off to unchartered waters.  Is it procrastination or avoidance?  I never think of it that way.  It always seems to be a reasonable trip for me, even without a particular destination in mind.

But, I’m coming in to dock now and resolve not to go exploring for at least another hour.  So little time, so much Internet…so much I want to know…but not now.

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