Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Puppy Love...Can I Get a Woof?


          You may have noticed...I've been preoccupied and haven’t written regularly lately.  Well...if you had a new addition to your family you'd be busy and tired too.

Remember babies, toddler hood, and puppies? Sure you do. Are you yawning yet?

I'm proud to announce a new addition to our family – our puppy Finnegan. I named him that because Finnegan in Gaelic (the Irish National language) means “small white haired one”.

Finnegan has long, wavy silky white hair. We brought him home Saturday, May 12th... after an hour and a half drive from Gold Canyon, Arizona.

He rewarded me as we neared the house.  We slowed our speed after getting off the highway and made some turns. This was his signal to vomit.  Such is the nature of puppies on car rides. His prior home mom had purposely not given him lunch...she knew better.

I dipped my hand in his carrier and saw the vomit.  Maternal (dogternal?) instinct kicked in as I opened the door. I took my little 6 pound 12 ounce boy out of the crate. I had my husband hand me a paper towel and some water from the front seat to wipe Finnegan's mouth.  I am a pushover...but not stupid.

I was grateful I'd wiped his little puppy smile, as I was immediately rewarded with a darting tongue into my mouth. He was so happy. He doesn't have an unhappy bone in his little body.

We arrived home and the adventure began. I couldn’t figure out how to get him into the harness to leash him and walk him in…I have technical issues. 

I carried Finnegan in.  After showing him his exercise pen, his sleeping crate and toys, we relaxed.  I made dinner and he ate like no one ever fed him and finished dinner in seconds. This went on …the cleaning and licking of his bowl…in record time…for his first three to four days.  I guess after that he realized we wouldn't starve him and he slowed down.

Everyone day I learn something new and every day I am amazed at what he teaches me...about him...about life...about myself. I couldn't be happier.............or more tired.

We found our puppy at long last. Pictures...many...and stories..many...to follow. But right now Finnegan is lying under the chair in my family room so his little body can lie on tile.  He’s a hot little guy and prefers tile floors, sheets, and slick surfaces to expensive dog beds and cushy daybeds.  Go Figure.  I put a pillow case on the crate pad in his night night place and he sleeps like a …dog.

Gotta go.  Someone stole my socks.  Puppy love...what can I say...nothing better.  Can I get a WOOF?

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