Monday, May 21, 2012

Solving the Hard Water Problem in Tucson

Water...precious resource

I finally got my hard water situation straightened out. No, not the beach.... the water in my house. I was tired - as I mentioned in a previous article - of getting calcium marks on countertops and filmy stuff on shower doors. I finally got a water softener and water filtration system in my house.

The water I use from the taps in my kitchen is good to go now - free of hardness, sediment, potentially harmful chemicals and yuck factors. It tastes great and by the way, the water in the taps in our bathrooms even tastes good now.

I researched and chose four companies for demonstrations and information: Eco Water Systems - a locally grown family company ( Phone: (520) 881-1740-33301 N Chapel Ave); Culligan Water Conditioning ( (520) 792-9700 1230 S Campbell Ave; Water Tech of Tucson - another local company with an on-site studio and factory you can visit - (Phone (520) 638-9440 4601 S 3rd Ave and Kinetico (Phone (520) 293-6687 or 549-2133, 1870 W Prince Rd, Ste 7 .

All have websites and interesting information you can read. All the representatives were pleasant and all came to my home to test the water and demonstrate how their systems work. All provided price quotes. Kinetico was the most expensive. Culligan and Eco were around the same price and had very likeable representatives.

All four companies are Better Business Bureau A rated. Water Tech has a local facility you can tour. We chose Water Tech. The price was reasonable, the personnel knowledgeable and the system included both a filtration and softening feature and is compact enough to fit in our garage.

The best is - the water of course! I cannot believe how much better my skin feels - not so dry and itchy. My hair is smoother, silkier and less frizzy and I no longer get water spots on my glasses, counter tops and stainless steel sink. All the water in my house tastes good and I feel safer and healthier.

I'd highly recommend checking out the companies for yourself, you can't go too wrong with any of them. For us it was a matter of cost, owner credibility, being able to tour their facility, quick response and no fancy schmancy bells and whistles. When you got a good product, you don't have to bedazzle the customer. They had just what we wanted at the right price.

I have to go now, all this water talk has gotten me thirsty.

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