Monday, May 28, 2012

Where is Isabel Celis?

If anything has happened to Isa Celis, Tucson will be in mourning.  The latest I heard is that Police are trying to get in touch with neighbors they haven’t been able to contact in the last month.  Law enforcement is leaving questionnaires.
If CPS, a non-law enforcement agency staffed by poorly paid child welfare investigators (starting at $32,000 with the highest, most experienced level now getting paid about $40,000, working with outdated, often broken office equipment, out of tiny cubicles, using their own vehicles to get around)…doesn’t interview every family member…any teachers…any Doctors…any daycare workers…all parents not living in the home in a case…well, you know what's said.
How is it that law enforcement with all their resources… more than Child Protective Services … hasn’t been able to contact local people?  You would have thought neighbors…all of them…would have been interviewed three weeks ago.  There have been several law enforcement agencies….numerous deputies, police officers and I believe other outside law enforcement investigating this case.  If a child is missing, can the Police ask to come in to the neighbor’s houses?  I don’t know.  If not, the law should be changed to allow them access…in the case of a missing child/suspected abduction/kidnapping.

Where are all the neighbors?  How many times has a child gone missing and the ultimate outcome is the child was taken by a neighbor?  
I have no great love for CPS…since 2005 there have been numerous reports on child abuse/neglect cases and a couple of deaths wherein the agency was previously involved with the family.   It’s actually the family that fails the child…and yes, there are a couple of workers who need more training or shouldn’t be in the field.  But, last I heard, CPS hasn’t gotten the technology to predict behavior.  Does law enforcement have this?  On Television’s Criminal Mind’s the FBI staff have profilers who can forecast what will happen and who is probably the perpetrator.  But, that’s not real life is it?

Child deaths are prominent in the news.  The new CPS Director in Phoenix, Clarence Carter…has changed some things.  But, then every new Director makes his/her mark.   Every 4 years or so CPS gets a new one that’s going to solve everything.  One of the recently appointed, since “retired” Directors from out of State had the Agency spend a fortune on a new lengthy, cumbersome documentation program in the computer.  Workers spent as much time investigating and interviewing children as they did typing in the required information in the computer.   Mr. Carter is now issuing reforms to decrease some of the time spent in documentation.  Every few years the agency goes through a major change in style and emphasis.  If you are there long enough, you’ll have seen some old “style” come back into vogue and emphasis.

A couple of front line workers in Tucson are on administrative leave…and some supervisors.  The local program manager is still here…since, I don’t know…2004, 2003, 2005?  She was allocated a new position a few months ago…an assistant deputy to help her manage six assistant program managers who oversee the various sites/offices around Tucson.  CPS investigators get 3-4 new child abuse/neglect reports every week.  They keep them on their caseload till they close them, take custody and/or petition the court.  Some investigators have 40-90 open investigations.  If the investigator brings the case/family to court, , it will transfer to an Ongoing worker (after 1-4 weeks, depending on the unit and supervisor).  The Ongoing CPS case manager oversees any Court orders, monitors and report on the family's progress.   Each parent in a court case is appointed his and her own attorney, by the Judge, usually paid for by the State because the parents can’t afford counsel. 
What is the deal with Sergio Celis?  If something is going on………..and he voluntarily agreed to stay away…why hasn’t CPS filed a court case and WHY hasn’t law enforcement arrested him???  Think…….think.
Mr. Celis may have sketchy things in his background…maybe he’s depressed…I don’t know….but if it is suspected that he did something to his daughter why is it that CPS and Law enforcement can’t do a darn thing???
On the other hand, if the family isn’t involved…why haven’t all the neighbors been personally interviewed????  By law enforcement…? 
No one knows what is going on.  The wall around the Celis home is 5 feet 8 inches tall and made of concrete.  Not the easiest wall for a perpetrator to bound over.  Maybe a meter box in the back gave an uplift of one to two feet.  But, why this house when it’s one of the most fortress like buildings in the neighborhood?  Who would go and steal a child from a house like that?
On the other hand………..if someone has been watching the family and saw this beautiful little girl…let’s say the 100+ sexual predators in her area of town…….who’s to say that she wasn’t targeted.
What if this person got friendly with mom and/or dad?  What if this person had been inside the fence?  What if someone watched…saw where she lived?  Figured out where in the house she slept?  What if she got up in the middle of the night and walked out the door?  What if she decided to open her window for air?  What if some night creature heard?  Would the dogs have slept through all that?  I don’t know.  I have a puppy…so he could sleep through anything when he’s tired.  I don’t know about these dogs. 
It’s not easy for anyone or any agency to deal with the nightmare of a missing child case.  Everyone feels for Isa Celis.  What a happy looking little girl we see in home videos.  Please let her be alright…no child should suffer.

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