Monday, May 28, 2012

Tucson Police Department Besieged with Tips on Missing Child Case, Isa Ceils


Tucson news channel, KOLD, posted links to the documents police released to the world recently.  You can go to the Tucson News Now Link at: - and examine the information yourself.  Some of it is very interesting, some a little scary, some mundane, some a waste of law enforcement’s time – but necessary and some downright disturbing.

Below are the shortcuts to the linked documents:

·              RAW: Sergio Celis sings 'Ave Maria'

·              Celis parents meet with Tucson media

·              RAW: Music video for Isabel

·              RAW: Home video of Isabel Celis

·              RAW: Home video of Isabel Celis

·              Full interview with Marc Klaas

·              RAW: Musical tribute for finding Isabel

·              RAW: Statement from Isabel Celis' father

It is truly amazing what TPD is wading through.  Who knew there were so many crazies out there interested in contacting law enforcement to tell wild stories or to get attention?  People even call with made up names, giving some false information and providing “leads” that have to be followed up and may or may not be valid.

Seeing these links and browsing through the material is eye opening.  There’s so much more that law enforcement did than we ever get to see or hear about on the news or read in the paper.  It is a major concentrated and huge effort.

Isabel is still missing…and I hope and pray she is found healthy and well. Or returned to resume her little girl life.  It is horribly sad and frustrating for all Tucsonans as we continue to think positive thoughts and pray for her.

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