Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Barack Obama Wins! Let's Learn From This! Hallejuah

Thank the God Lord, or whatever diety you worship...our President Barack Obama won this re-election.  I say it means so much for our country in many ways.  I was afraid, as I guess many people were, that Mitt Romney wasn't at all in touch with the middle class or the hard working poor/lower class or the disenfranchised. 

This was an election where people avoided specifics as to what would be done.  The only thing we can hope for the future, is that the Congress, et al, get past bi-partisan lines and do what is right for the country...not the party.

We should be grateful for Clinton, for supporting him...as many of us realize what a great job he did.

I am so proud of our country.  Is this the first time in our history...of course it is..that we are reelecting a Black president?  More than that, this is the time when we are colorblind and electing someone we respect and think will represent all of us. 

God Bless him, and please, Congress, other elected officials, look past your Party politics and work with our reelected President to get our great country back on track.

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