Monday, April 15, 2013

Boston Marathon Explosions Within Last 45 minutes

In the last 45 minutes, two loud explosions happened near the end of the Boston Marathon race, near the base of a building. Smoke could be seen coming from the sidewalk/building area and it carried debris up into the sky. One jogger was seen going down during the initial explosion in a social media video clip.
The people along the route started running and backing away. No one knows as of yet what happened. Many people were injured. The first responders are out there and helping.
There was a large cadre of Boston Emergency Response workers nearby because the first aid station is nearby. The route was well lined with Boston police. It happened as a large group of runners was racing toward the finish line.
The streets are locked down and it's considered a crime scene. It isn't known if this is a deliberate act, yet, but everything is being investigated.
I hope that it's a gas main or other malfunction that caused the two explosions, but it looks suspicious.
Good luck to the people of Boston, we are thinking about you and praying.

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