Friday, April 19, 2013

God Bless Boston...The World Is Becoming Too Strange And We Need To Talk...And Change

I am extremely impressed with the Boston Police, the Boston State Police, all the local police entities in the Massachusetts area, the citizens of Boston and the suburbs of Watertown and Cambridge, et al…the FBI;  Boston Mayor Benino, Governor Deval Patrick, and all the officials, law enforcement, major medical centers - their Chiefs of Staff, Doctors, Nurses and Medical Personnel, fire fighters, EMT, volunteers, Swat team members….everyone involved in protecting and trying to apprehend the last suspect(s) in the Boston marathon bombing.

God bless them all.  What a job they are doing.  They are struggling with a huge mosaic.  Pulling strings and trying to figure out where all the pieces are.

The patience I am witnessing, as I sit safely in my home is remarkable to me.  The calmness you see on television, as these swat teams, these police personnel, these FBI members, these law enforcement personnel go about their very dangerous business is amazing and has to be the result of a higher grace.  I saw one of these members actually smiling and joking to another and thought, how wonderful. 

In the heat of a frightening moment, the truly dedicated and talented; those who know what they are doing, can confidentially go about their job…yet retain their humanity.

I pray for all of them.

I am sick of hearing from family who are denying their sons are involved.  In some ways I understand as the video of the younger son leaving the backpack hasn’t been released.

However, in my experience, most mothers…fathers…in the criminal justice and child protective services system, always blame the justice/child protective/law enforcement system and never their culpable children…now adults.  It is always someone else’s children.  And often, these are multi-generational abusive and/or criminal families.

As a matter of fact, in some simple internet searches, I discovered some rather odd and interrelated things about this family, which I won’t get into here, but I shared with authorities.

The people of Boston are very strong indeed and make me proud to be an American.  I am angry like many people.

It is hard to deal with that people who took refuge here would attack the country that sheltered them.

 I too am the child of immigrants, and I would not go so far as to advocate an isolationist policy, but this is getting to be a very tricky, complicated and sad issue. 

We allow people to come in, give them refuge, scholarships and naturalization…and then years later find they kill Americans.  What do we do?  We need to openly dialogue, without fear of being charged with being politically incorrect.  Now is the time to address these issues…it is a different world we are living in today.  We cannot control the people in it, but we can start to talk about how we can prevent things like this in the future…openly and without fear. 

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