Saturday, May 11, 2013

Nutting Better Than Puppy Love

Finn is the little white haired guy hanging with his sister in
front checking the world out

You may have noticed...I've been preoccupied.  I've not been writing regularly or consistently.  Well...if you had a new addition to your family you'd be busy and tired too.

Remember babies, toddler hood, puppies?  Sure you do.  Are you yawning yet.  Feel like laying down, or running away?

I'm proud to announce a new addition to our family.  At long last..our new puppy, Finnegan.  I named him that because Finnegan in Gaelic (the Irish National language) is small white haired one.

My new baby puppy has long, wavy silky white hair.  We brought him home last Saturday, May 12th...about 3:30 p.m. It was an hour n a half drive from Gold Canyon, Arizona.  He rewarded me as he neared our home depositing a healthy load of vomit in his carrier.  Of course I took him right out to  comfort him.   I got paper towel and a little water and gently wiped his disgusting little vomit filled doggy mouth and chin and instantly, again, fell in love. 

He looked up at me as  I held him close to me so his little body wouldn't sway cause my husband navigates twists and turns like a maniac and my baby needed a calmer, straighter, steadier ride with no bumps.  Fuckin men.  The husband went through the Police academy and training and worked that job for a while but his favorite thing ever was learning to do the crazy assed driving, at ridiculous speeds with sudden stops and spins, but that be another story.  He is working in another field now, having decided he didn't like being a cop.  Thank God.

I bent over to tell Finn I love him.  I was given kisses to my mouth and nose.  I was so very grateful I had just cleaned him.  He smiled at me; he just doesn't seem to have an unhappy bone in his body.  I shall have to study the way of Finnegan, much as one studies the way of the Tao, or Zen or Big Ben.

Finally, we arrived home and the adventure began.  After showing him his exercise pen, his sleeping crate and toys, I set out to make him dinner...once he relaxed. 

He ate like no one ever fed him and finished dinner in literally seconds.  This went on his first three to four days...and then he realized we wouldn't starve him and he slowed down.

Everyone day I learn something new and everyday I am amazed at what he teaches me...about him...about life...about myself.  I couldn't be happier.............or more tired.

But I found my little one at long last.  Pictures...many...and follow.  But right now Finnegan is laying under the chair in my family room where it touches the tile in the eat in area of my kitchen and he's hiding.  Well, not hiding, but dozing...this is his latest day eight to be.  He goes there when he's tired and poops out.  I usually carry him into his bedroom...ah...our his crarte for naps...3 x a day...but sometimes he gets so tired at our antics he puts himself to bed under the chair.

Puppy love...what can I say...nothing better.

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