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We Need to Know Now Everything LE Knows About and Has Discovered in the Isa Celis Case.

Isabel Celis, age 6, has been “gone” over a year now.

I started this draft of an article months and months ago.  I had so many questions.  We all did.  The community stepped forward and plastered this child's face in every shop window, store, pole, and open space in Tucson, Oro Valley, South Tucson, Marana, and points far and near.

Lttle is heard about her in the local media the last several months.  Why? 
 Shouldn't we keep her face and story front and center?  Shouldn't we at least be told more about what the police found in the house, wht they took out in bags with their search warrant, why the father voluntarily left, rather than be faced with CPS getting a petition together to the County Attorney to force the issue and begin a different kind of investigation.

What about this cousin that was supposedly living there?  The one with the criminal background that involved drugs.  How come this little girl usually slept in her brother's bedroom, but that particular night she's sleeping alone in her bedroom?  How come her father, who fell asleep in the living room, several feet from her bedroom door never heard a thing.  How did her mother in the bedroom across and down that hall hear nothing?  It is a one story home.  the brothers heard nothing.  There was about three yapping type dogs in that house.  Did not one of them bark that night at an intruder who took that little girl out?  Were they drugged?  Or did they know the person who took her.  Or did that little girl actually even land up in that bed in the bedroom to begin with?

Mommy didn't check on her before she left for work the next morning and three different times were quoted as to when she actually left.  The older brother as far more frantic and emotinal about his little sister's dissapearance than the father and took off desparately on his bike searching for her.  Sergio told the police dispatcher, after searching, he didn't report his daughter missing right away, nor did he say my little daughter is gone.....and asked about his wife, he giggled and said, I called and told her to get her butt on home.

Now of course I do realize people act differently under stress.  But there is differently and there is bizarrely, unusually, and incongruentally.  Becky, the mom, went on Television and abruptly told the reporter when questioned about not crying or seeming upset, that she doesn't cry in front of other people, she doesn't have to, and she isn't going to just cause people think she should.  She was angry.  Sergio put on this kind of meek puppy dog face and looked to her often as if for answers, forgiveness, direction, I don't know.  Well, he's back home with the family.   After several months, they hired a detective.  Not sure what a private detective could do at that point as if she is dead, her poor little body is reduced to little more than bones and maybe some tuffs of hair.

Everyone once in a while they have a get together and send balloons off in the air and talk about how they have to be strong for her when she comes home, like she's just going to walk in off the street any day.

I don't know.  There's not a lot of distance between houses in that area and I am really trying to figure out, especially with dogs in the house, and several people living there how that little girl was taken out with no one seeing anything. 
I sure the hell hope she doesn't have a favorite uncle or older cousin with a big drug depth that would be able to get her to come to her window to play a fun game on mommy and daddy and jump out into his arms to go to McDonalds to get breakfast for the family.  And as they walk around the block, he puts her in a car, where a chloroform cloth is put to her mouth by someone in the back seat.  They drive, cars change, money changes hands, debts are paid, and the little girl is sold for big bucks. 

And her brothers wait, and wait, and wonder and I'm sure, cry in the night.  I still think of her and pray for her and think that the law enforcement community should tell us at this time everything they know and have discovered.  Clearly, they don't have a suspect, maybe not even a motive.  Let the community help.  Law enforcement has so much on their plate and we're not all idiots out here.  We can even type or answer phones if it will free you up to find this child and other missing kids.  Nuff said about that.

According to a late July report by KVOA TV-Com (Tucson local channel 4), the Celis family was together on 7/27/2012, despite a previous voluntary agreement with Child Protective Services in Arizona that Sergio could not be around his family and sons. 

The Celis family were asked about this and refused to comment.  The local news media attempted contact with CPS but was not given a response, according to the KVOA website.

However, it seems that national media outfits have more information and resources than our local newscasters.  According to Jane Velez-Mitchell, who has a talk show airing weekdays on HLN, (locally this is channel 23 on Comcast) Sergio Celis has been allowed to move back into the Celis home and to have contact with his sons. 

Why are we here in Tucson not getting updated on this and the latest developments?  Is it even true?  Who here knows?

In late July, two little girls, 9 and 11, called law enforcement pretending to be Isabel.  This was reported by media.  According to TPD (Tucson Police Department), the investigation of this call cost them $5000 in police manpower and overtime.  The result of this big money inquiry?  Two little girls, at home with their mom, used their cell phones and decided to do a fake call. Nothing much more was said about it here; they were taken to Juvenile Detention and released pending a hearing.  National media is questioning whether they had a link to Isabel, knew her or knew something.  It doesn’t seem that a link is being looked at here…or at least it isn’t publicized.  It always seems to boil down to money. 

Everything in Arizona seems to come down to that.  Not enough money for education, not enough money for child protective services, not enough for health care for poor people and not enough for police services,  support and hiring new officers…not enough money. 

Usually, we have plenty of money for prisons.  They have a big and powerful lobby.  Most people are afraid of dangerous prisoners escaping; so we pay up.  Maybe if we put more money in the front end we wouldn’t need to spend so much to incarcerate people and build and maintain the infrastructure that demands.

If you live here you know what I am talking about.  Haven’t you wondered why and aren’t you tired of hearing that we are at the bottom of states for education and other important human social service issues? 

Don’t most of you want more money put into those areas?   But you know we often blame our legislators and maybe we should…certainly we should.  However, it seems a lot of people here just vote no if it means any more tax money out of their pockets.

Guess what, we only pay our state legislators about $24,000 a year to represent us and create laws.  Of course, most have other jobs because they can’t survive on this.  Don’t you wonder if part time law makers are really able to do the job we need?  Do you wonder about what kind of people, with what kinds of skills and abilities are attracted to this position?

So many have come out to comment on the two little girls who made the call, ranging from those who say they did prank calls as a child; these are just children, and those who say the 11 year old at least, had the ability to tell truth from fiction and both girls should be prosecuted for their action.  Nationally, psychologists, reporters and others are saying this should be investigated to the fullest as maybe the girls know or are connected somehow to Isabel and know what may have happened to her and are acting out about it because they’ve been told to be quiet.

Who knows?  But don’t you think those of us who live here in this community should know all the latest information about this case?  Is Sergio really back home now with his family and what changed things?

Where is Isabel?  How come we don’t see very much or anything about her in the news?  What is up here?  Let’s have another news conference and have law enforcement update the community.  Tucson is suffering too and wants to know.

You would think this would be news reported here, in their hometown of Tucson, but nothing has been said.  There haven’t been any case updates in at least a month.  Hmmm…part of our Tucson culture or what?  The family itself feels the police doesn't talk to them and they are in the dark, why is that?  Do the police think of them as potential suspects, or is this just modus operandi?

I will pray for Isa tonight.  I hope one day someone's prayers will be answered, but God has his plans and I will trust in them, even though sometimes I just don't understand and they make me angry.

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