Thursday, May 16, 2013



I’ve never understood why one group of people, one nation, one race, one political group, one fanatical group, one religious authority, one church or other worship organization, one sect or branch that has deviated from a standard religion, or any group of people with specific but differential beliefs would feel and expect that all other people on the planet or (most other people or just one nation or area of the earth) should think and act like them.

Nor do I understand how it is that it is thought very passionately by some people, nations, groups, religions, factions, or political affiliates that others are poisoning the Earth, or infiltrating their culture in a negative way, polluting the minds of their people, brainwashing their youth, defying the laws of God, destroying their religion, rights or views and thus these OTHERS should be punished, shunned, killed, isolated, run off their homeland, raped, jailed or disappeared.

There are some conflicts in this world that we, or I will just say I, will never understand as they are so old, so incredibly passionate and intense, based in ancient squabbles and lore with such buried fear, hatred, lack of tolerance and inability to communicate coupled with strict codes of beliefs and conduct, unyielding dogma, that it seems there is no room or real intent to allow for open dialogue, exchange of cultures or compromise.

I think we all have a Higher Power, no matter who you name him/her and/or where you think they reside….here, in Nirvana, in Heaven, in your heart, in your ancestors, or somewhere else. 

I think and I hope that we might all agree that there is something called spirituality, though we may not see or practice it in the same way and that’s fine.  Some of us have had to search for it; some of us had it and lost it and had to find it again. 

I do believe there is evil in the world and that it will proliferate if we do not keep turning the light on and allow our hearts to be open and accepting.  You cannot hope to bridge the gap between you and those you do not understand, or your enemy, or those you fear…or those you think may hate or fear you…unless you are willing to suspend what you think is right and true long enough to listen to what someone else thinks is right and true. 

We must start somewhere.  Let it start today….with me…with you…with us…we are one people, one world, this is our planet.  Let’s save it together and make sure it is here for all our children.

If we cannot make peace with our peers, elders, other nations, religions, political groups or each other, please consider the repercussions if we don’t change - for the sake of our  children and their children.   Maybe we can start by just listening, researching, reading and learning and trying to understand the other and lose the fear of the differences that distinguish us from animals.   

Our children will inherit this planet.  We are the adults, their caretakers and protectors.  They are the real innocents.  We are the ones who should be giving the guidance and protecting, teaching and loving them and providing an environment wherein they will grow with open hearts and minds.  To do that, we must first open ours.

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