Monday, March 31, 2014

Annual Havanese Dog Spring Fling and Reunion


I’ve been entranced with my Havanese boys and so preoccupied with getting into the rhythm of being owned by these creatures that I haven’t had time to write.  Alright – truth be known - I’ve been a blooming sloth this year…it’s a periodic situation.
        Anyway, this weekend, the boys, Miki and Finn, the husband (the “G”, he’s not into fame, so I omit his true identity) took to the highway at 10 a.m. Saturday and headed for Chandler.  We couldn’t check into our hotel until 2 p.m. so we stopped for lunch at Uncle Bear’s Brew House Grill. We got there just in time. 
The waiter told us there was a large group coming in at 1 p.m. and if we were okay with that, we could sit at one of the low tops, the rest of the available outdoor seating being high tops.  Since we have midgety dogs, high tops don’t work well. 
This family style, friendly eatery is dog friendly and has dozens of pictures of its canine customers framed on its walls.  Finn and Miki were promptly served refreshing bowls of water though they slobbered for a burger.
About 12:15, we realized we were in the middle of an artsy event sponsored by an organization called “Uptown”.  I cleverly deduced that, as people wearing tee shirts with the aforementioned name came in with easels and paints and began setting up.  No matter, we had plenty of time to eat and the activity kept the dogs occupied watching. 
After lunch, we headed to Mesa to visit the G’s cousin Vivacity, (an alias I shall give her so you can’t track her identity to deduce G’s). 
Our demure polite dogs bustled right in uninvited as soon as the door opened, no introductions needed.  V’s daughter, Angela, sat on a sofa in the living room and within a few minutes, Miki settled his head on her leg for a nap, only looking up, with reproach mind you, when she spoke and interrupted his dreams.  Finn alternated between jumping between me and G, checking out Vivacity, cooling his boys as he sprawled double jointed across her kitchen tiles and clicking down the hallway to check out one of the bedrooms on the QT.
Later we set out to the hotel, explored and unpacked.  We spent the weekend last year at this Windmill Suites across from the Chandler Mall with Finn and it was a good fit for us. The accommodations are dog friendly and provide  a one bedroom suite with a kitchenette.  Breakfast is free and includes a waffle grill, always a welcome amenity.
Curiously, at home Finn can’t jump up on our king size bed; he must be picked up, carried like the prince he thinks he is and placed atop it.  Away from home he develops super dog powers and easily hops onto the bed. (Hmm…am I being had?)
We took a walk around the dog path and then had chill time before heading back out, this time to Glendale.  What’s in Glendale you ask?  Well, I’ll tell you.  Only the best German Restaurant in Arizona, Haus Murphy! 
We try to make the trip way there at least once or twice a year.  The food is authentic and great, with all the requisite schnitzel dishes, spatzles and red cabbage …along with great German beers, apple streduel and the yes…perky,  but seldom experienced in the desert…OM PA PA BAND!
To make this an even more special place, they are dog friendly.  The restaurant boasts an open air patio with about 25 tables.  The waiter brought out a big mug with cold water for the pups and offered meatloaf, which they promptly accepted, but of course.  Finn spent much of his time checking out the other patrons and trying to figure out what they were eating.  Miki chose to hide out from the clamor so as to be closer to dad and dad’s food.  They both appreciated, as they are true attention hounds, all the greetings and oohs and aahs from patrons – truth be known, they actively seek out notice.
Later that evening, after our after dinner walk, we watched TV, chewed on bully sticks and dessert. 
Sunday morning we drove to Mesa for Lancaster’s annual puppy day and what I refer to as the Annual Spring Fling Doggie Reunion.  Finn got to see his brother Joey,  mom Coco and his first love Lucy.  Miki was besieged with all his sons and daughters and loved seeing his people.
We headed back to Tucson Sunday afternoon and the two slept the whole way home.  It isn’t easy being a dog with an active social schedule after all and one must get one’s rest when one can.  They are happy to be back and as I write, they nap…as only dogs can do.

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