Sunday, January 29, 2012

Butt starting the dishwasher - there's a gadget to prevent it!

And so, on with the dishwasher story.  My mechanically predisposed partner couldn't turn the damn thing on.  So, there it was, the beautiful black machine with it's shiny stainless steel interior, loaded with dishware...and no one astute enough around here to turn it on.

You know I did have to read the manual the next day...about three or four times.  Still couldn't figure out how to turn the dishwasher on. 

About three hours later, I discovered that the button I thought locks the dishwasher...doesn't actually lock it persay. 

It's a bump proof mechanism, so you don't butt start your dishwasher.  And I thought I was so smart to have found it; so very proud of myself and my engineering prowess.  I was convinced it was something you had to push so the door would stay closed so as to prevent 100's of galloons of water from flooding the kitchen.

Evidentally, and I know it says something like that in the stupid manual, when you push that button, none of the other buttons work.  It's like a child and idiot proof thing to boot.  You know, I'm just saying, once again, why don't they write these manuals in the actual English the way real people talk and understand?

Finally, accidently, I disengaged that tricky little special lock feature...and held down the button the exact three seconds prescribed...cause all of a sudden, the dishwasher started. 

You'll be happy to know, that after it was finished and unloaded...the next person to use it was able to turn it on by pressing one button.  Now I'm terrified though of changing any of the settings...cause this thing does pots and pans and has an environmental friendly setting and other stuff...but, how do I cancel the current programmed cycle, and if I do cancel it, will I ever be able to get back to it?

Technology, you gotta hate it, and when you're split on things, got to love it too.  Bottom line, you can't live without it.  I am waiting for the day when someone figures out how to program in a psychic link between the owner and the appliance, so you never have to read a manual again, you just think and it goes!    Or, maybe add a turn key on everything that does the job, like the monkey toy has. 

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