Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My Tucson Dishwasher...shopping the Old Pueblo for Appliances

My new Tucsonan dishwasher

I got a new dishwasher last week. Looked lots of places, like two, and settled on something at the Sears Appliance Center in the Old Pueblo.

It was delivered and installed yesterday.  I shopped for it speedily and without the usual 10 months of comparisons and consumer reports reviews that the other person in my house espouses too…is that a word?  I mean, that is his way, not mine.  Mind you, this purchase wasn’t at the top of my hit list….but when that thing starts going…it rises…

It is so beautiful.  It has a black face and stainless steel interior.   It has more water jets than the average bear.  Someone else in my household, who shall remain unnamed, because his head is too swollen already, read the book that came with it.  He wasn’t even sure how to open it when he came home.  I figured that out myself by just pushing buttons, without reading a thing.

But, HE said, I have to buy tablets…no more dishwasher powder and that I’m to get a rinse or something as well.  I’ve not been allowed to use it yet…until I get the demanded items. 

Well, I got them, I think…not sure about the rinse stuff and what that is…but, I am still afraid to actually use it.  See, my brain explodes with new stuff…and I’m afraid that if I don’t feed the dishwasher its correct food…well, maybe it might explode too.  Who knows? 

So I sit here and it’s after 7 p.m. and I’m waiting on the other person, who is supposedly working “in the field” and hoping he won’t bother me when he comes home…and try to talk to me about mechanics.  I made dinner…he should just eat and be grateful and load the damn dishwasher.  I don’t mind showing him how to open the door, but really don’t want to know about what to put in, where and when…too complicated.  I’ve had a rough day.

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