Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tucson Pat's Bits and Bytes

Pool staff..la guardian of the water
Hey, I found my blog, so I can write again.  No thanks to you google.  Anyway, just wanted to do a shout out to Ireland...why not.  Did you know that Tucson is the sister city to Roscommon, Ireland.  And guess who lives there?  More on all that later.

Please look for me in the future soon..provided I don't get lost and have more brain bleeds at the Tucsoncitizen.com (I think that's the place.)  I guess I should have looked up the address before the announcement.  Oh well, you won't ever accuse me of being slow and pondering....I'm all about the action.

So, I won't just dissapear...I'll evolve and I'll let you know.  Thank you to my reader in Latvia, Mexico, Indonesia, the Netherlands and Korea...and the others in the US, Germany and Russia.  It is so wonderful to be known or stumbled over worldwide. 

It's not easy sitting home and writing.  Dirty work, but someone's gotta to do it.

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