Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Who are you Google and GMail people anyway..aren't you related, distantly?

Dear Google, New Google, Blogger, Blogspot., G Mail ..or whatever you are calling yourself right now..

    Can you please be a little more not so much ambiguous?  I think you are all the same entity..but I'm not sure.  However, when I got a GMAIL account today, I lost my Blog..this one, the one I am posting to, my blog, Patabit.

   A couple of hours later, after launching search and reconnaisance missions, and wiping up the dried blood from my head exploding, I found something about...you can open a GMail account and as a bonus you get this other stuff.  What it should have said is WARNING, you run the risk of loosing everything you already have because I, Google/ada GMAIL/Blogger won't recognize you again.  In your current form, I guess you mean now in retrospect? 

  I got my GMail address and when I went to go to my Blog, I had the address on my Favorites Bar, but the Blogger bar...the important little orange ditty that allows you to get your blog, post, whatever, now led me done a different garden path.

   It lied and tricked me, saying I had no blogs under my belt.

   It's been agony trying to find my own blogger dashboard again, and I'm not letting it go.  And now I'm not sure how I get to that other dimension, where I have a Gmail acccount, but no blogs.  It's like time travel around here with no maps.

   Speak in simple, brief terms please.  USE HUGE WARNING NOTICES.  Don't let computer people write your instructions.  Let me.

  And answer your own darned e-mail and on-line help with help written in the user's language, and in a timely manner, and preferably so as to answer the actual question asked..not to goof around on me and direct me down more paths!  What is that about???

   I'm wondering when you folks will understand my pleas for help and get what the heck I'm talking about in my appeals to your Help Gods the last two hours.

  I've learned a lot today.  Don't do anything without packing a lunch, after you've had a nap, and when you are not alone - better to have a full, professional IT Team with me. 

  I know your address too, so don't fool with my blogs and hide them under cups and stuff to see how fun it would be to watch me look and leak blood out of my head. 

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