Sunday, January 29, 2012

Heading out in Tucson - Nothing like Beef, Wine, Music and Sports to soothe the soul

Last night we went out to a friend’s birthday party…held at a centrally located quiet little boutique bar and food place called Rusty’s on Grant.  There are 185 televisions on the wall, and that’s just upstairs.  There’s a cool staircase and bannister, so if you were so inclined you could leap off the railing…like we did in the day, right into a mosh pit.  Probably not advisable here though…you could poke an eye out or something. 

Well, my friend who just turned some number that sounds like 40 something – one, two, three?  I wasn’t paying that much attention as I am not a numbers person, but, she and I went to high school together.  I’m just saying.  I didn’t recognize any of the other friends she went to high school with and they didn’t remember me.  That’s what happens to your brain when you overdo the spicy over a period of years, and start to need jalapenos for breakfast.  It’s a Tucson thing.

Have you noticed no one remembers anything anymore?  Take conversations.  Have you been in any lately that sound like this...? ”So I picked up the uh…what is that thing called? And then uh…what the hell is his name? said ….so I thought it might be a good time to pull the GOD, I can’t think what they call that?  You know what I mean?”  And of course you do.

I haven’t been to Rusty’s in years…and don’t recall having been there at night before…but like I was saying, who remembers anything anymore?  I could have been there.  

 It’s amazing, they give you two sides AND a salad with dinner, so of course I got fries, chips and salsa with my ribs, just to round things out.  Not me, just things.  How many places do you go anymore that you get two and salad?  Usually, you get your meat/fish or chicken and a choice of salad and one side, or soup and a side, and that’s it.  I don’t think it was always like that, I’m just saying.

The nice thing about Rusty’s is if you have trouble hearing, it’s really loud, so you can hear lots of stuff there…even if you normally strain to hear things.  Also, part of the design element is it is set up as a maze, so when you enter, you can’t figure out which way to go and if you’re like me, end up in the kitchen.  The guys back there just kind of looked at me; I guess it must happen a lot, they didn’t seem surprised at all. 

Anyway, there is a hidden path to the bar and off that the upstairs area which surprisingly is easier to access directly from the parking lot as we learned.  My friend and I were let off in front of the door so the driver could go out back somewhere, around Speedway, and park.  But he got upstairs before we did.  Amazing.

And so was the whole night.  Fun times.   There’s nothing that food, beef, loud music, and a little wine can’t make better, don’t you think? 

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