Saturday, January 7, 2012

My Puppy Adventure

I will be a mommy by the end of this year.  Tomorrow I visit a local breeder to play with her Havanese dogs. 

I still love poodles, especially one white big buttted girl from San Diego (who is a model dog) but see these Havanese as sturdier and even more friendly poodles with less hang-ups and attitude.  I already have my doggie dowry going.... 

I have a ball, attached to a rubber things so I don't have to touch dog spit, a dogbone shaped cushy dog rug thing that kind of matches my carpet, at least doesn't jump out at you; a water bowl, a couple of toys (for the dog, not me), a How to train your Dog Book (a Christmas present), a book on Poodles (from last year), dog bones to teach my puppy how to effectively eat shoes, and other random items. 

Oh, and I also have a red Alpha dog tee shirt...bark and run.

It will be a little while until I can bring my pup home, as he isn't or she isn't even a seed pod in her dad/mom's eyes at this time.  I'm told you have to get the female dog pregnant first, this doesn't evidently happen on demand.  Then we have the pregnancy period..what is that for a dog?  Two or three months at least. 

And then, and then, the dog breeder lady insists on keeping my pup for 10-12 weeks, supposedly to train it, but we all know she justs wants puppy time. 

So, wish me luck. 

I found another great shop in Tucson, in Casa Adobes, and they have dog stuff...carrying bags (for little doggie ones), magnets, gourmet treats and bones and whimsical non-dog stuff.  Can't remember the name for the life of me cause my mind is so full of other really important trivia and odd remants of old conversations that I need to blank out first before I can fit anymore in.  But, it's in the back of Casa Adobes shopping plaza on Ina and Oracle. 

Anyway, I will post more on the dog birth process as it goes doggedly along.

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