Thursday, January 5, 2012


What’s in Your Closet?

Everyone likes to look good.  Most of us don’t get dressed with the intention of appearing dumpy, out of style, boring or unattractive.

Do you know people who effortlessly put together outfits that are stylish, well fitting, and figure enhancing in colors that perfectly complement them, harmonize with their accessory items and make their best features pop?

Have you ever left home and later realized the look you put together hours before now leaves you cold?  We’ve all been there and done that.

It starts in your own closet.  Do you know what you have in there?  Get a small notebook and pen and get ready to record observations.  Find what it is you do enjoying wearing.

Let’s hunt in your closet and pick out those favorite items.  Lay them on your bed so you can see them best.  Pull out the tops, pants, skirts, dresses or whatever that you wear repeatedly.

What’s more special about these articles then the other 60-80% of the things in your closet?

That’s right; the average woman is only wearing maybe 20-40% of their wardrobe.  Wouldn’t you like to stop buying things that just live in your bedroom and never get out in the world?  Think of the money you’ll save.

Write down the information you glean from this experiment.  What are your go to colors, clothes items, styles and fabrics of choice?

Now let’s analyze gaps.  If you are like many of us…you have 40-60 casual tops and tee shirts.  No one needs that many tops.  Count it out.  How many days are there in a week?  Do you have trouble finding what you want to wear because you have so much crammed in there?

Life is easier when you have 10-20 tops, neatly hung or folded in a drawer, that you can locate quickly.  Excess apparel takes up precious space.

What are you missing; try planning for a change.  Maybe you have 10 pairs of jeans, 25 casual tops, 15 work blouses and 10 dressy ones, a pair of gray slacks, three skirts and four dresses.

Wait a second.  You don’t have any black slacks or a simple jacket to dress up your jeans.  You have no khaki pants.  None of your dresses is basic, in a flattering jewel tone, navy or black.  Where are your scarves and belts?

You are missing classic items that can easily mix and match to stretch and finesse your wardrobe.

The next time you go shopping try on fits, colors and styles you normally would pass by.  You won’t know what suits you until you try it on.  Know what stores have items that flatter and fit you well and frequent them.  Get to know the sales people there.  Often they’ll let you know when that special item is going on sale.  They’ll take the time to hunt down that complementary piece that makes an outfit go from ordinary to wow!

Do you have a dressy outfit?  Are you waiting until the last minute to buy one?  Don’t shop for that special occasion dress when you absolutely must it, today.  You’ll be under pressure and land up with something that may do for the evening but won’t make the Top 10 of your closet.

Buy your dressy outfit when you are not in a hurry to get something...anything.  Make it an ensemble you’ll love and use, one that will hang in your closet stylishly for years.

It is better to spend a little more on one quality item you love, than to succumb to sales and get three acceptable outfits.  Do you want to go out in the world looking just okay or fabulous?

Rethink your mindset about shopping.  It’s not something to do when you are bored.  Resolve not to buy anything until you’ve thought about it 24 hours.

Take the things you are not wearing out of closets and drawers.  Sell them, give them away or donate them.  If you can’t bear the thought of parting, box them up for a year and put them in the garage, on the top shelve of your closet or in a garment bag under your bed.

Out of sight is out of mind.  Chances are you won’t even miss the clothes.

What fabrics do you like?  Did you rarely, if ever wear a certain top or dress because the fabric felt scratchy or makes you hot or uncomfortable?  Do you not wear certain things because you hate to hand wash or iron?  What fabrics are you comfortable in?  Write it down.

You should have an idea now what colors flatter you and make you feel good.  If not, spend the $50 or so and get your colors done.  You can find a class on choosing colors to flatter you.  You will come home with knowledge about what shades flatter and what ones make you look washed out.  This will help you avoid costly mistakes.

Alternately, ask a friend, your grandmother and aunt.

Your best buys are in colors that flatter, complement and mix with other apparel you already own.  Stop buying every color of the rainbow; you’re not a clown in training.

If it’s on sale, ask if you’d buy it at full price and still love it.  If not, skip it.  Buy quality and not quantity.  Buy for the size you are now, not for the size 8 you expect to be this time next year.  Get someone who does alterations reasonably and hem those pants.

Do you tend to buy the same old thing repeatedly?  You are in a rut.  Note to self: try something different.  Experiment; it’s free.  Try different looks in the dressing room before buying.  If you have a friend whose style you appreciate, bring her along the next time.

Have an idea of what you need and what you intend to buy.  Look at magazines and check out what’s on the internet so you have some ideas.  Department stores are happy for you to look at what’s new.

If you find something that you adore, that fits you beautifully, that is comfortable and you can afford it, buy it.  If you don’t adore it when you buy it what makes you think you’ll wear it two months from now?  

Shopping is an investment.  Do you want a closet full of clothes you love to wear?  What’s stopping you?  You are.  Take charge of your wardrobe and become that effortlessly stylish person you know you are.

patabit 1/2012 copywrite

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