Sunday, February 12, 2012

Grammy awards  Adele, performing Rolling Deep athe Grammys

Adele hit glad to see she got the new artist Grammy award.  She is phenomenal....powerful voice..great and meaningful lyrics...touches the heart.  "We almost had it all...I can't help feeling...we could have had it all..."...the most plaintive heart ripping wailing lyrics in a long while.

The Grammy's totally rocked it.  How sad about Whitney's death.  God Bless her and all the artists, the hearts in the world that left before we were ready to let them go.  I know they weren't ready to go there either and can only hope they found some beautiful, peaceful, loving world on the other side....maybe in our dreams we'll hear their new songs in Heaven.

Speaking of lyrics...Katie..Perry...girl you rock. 

"I just want to throw my phone I can find out who is really there for me....

You will never put me out again…I know it.

This is the part of me that you’d never thought you’d take away from me..."

I feel like throwing my phone, computer, laptop and memories out a lot of least several times a week.

Paul McCartney's wrap up song..."Oh, yeah, alright...are you going to be in my dreams're gonna carry that weight, carry that weight a long time..." what a smorgasboard of hard hitting classics.  How many years have these words be in our collective consciousness.  Paul, you are an Earth Angel/Maverick/Treasure and I knew of you way back in the day when I had a tiny Paul doll.

You gotta love the great a country are we to have so many talented, touching, ephemeral...rocking, lyrical people up on one stage in front of our collective eyes...I'm proud to be an American. 

Cause, thanks Paul, for telling us that "in the end the love you take is equal to the love you make.."

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