Sunday, February 12, 2012

Life is bits and bytes of this and that. It’s the heartbreak, great joy, love and forgiveness our hearts endure. Open up and let others experience yours...

Life is bits, bytes and pieces of this and that.  You get funny bits, good and bad bits, ecstatic bits, angry bits and bytes, horribly sad or disappointing bits, boring bits, scary bits, little quiet bits and serene bits.  All the times of your experience are precious bytes of life.

Some times are breathtaking, phenomenal, crazy, horribly painful, hurtful, weird, energizing, isolating, desperate, peaceful, awakening, thankful, mystical, unforgettable, and magical.  And, I’m thankful; no one bit is all of those at any one time.

               All the little bits of your life are part of a journey, the map you got in life…the trip you get to choose to share or not.  The road winds toward a new day forever, you walk the road, and who knows where it ends…it goes on and on.  You gather and drag those bits with you like dust magnets.

Whether painful or joyful, hopeful or grieving, dark or light…sharing the precious bits of your life, our lives… in story, art, design or song gives us the chance to live many times, in many worlds, and  walk in someone else’s shoes, crisscrossing a million paths in our one lifetime.   And if we are brave, and humble ourselves, and suffer enough…to rise above it…we can give the gift of our life to those who need to know they aren’t alone, that they are better than what surrounds them, that things do in the end change…

Go, be fearless, don’t worry who will judge you…those who try to are condemned…for they know not that there is someone above us all who is always watching, loving, and weighing those bits and bytes…who will make those final decisions in eternity.  Not you, not I, not them...not the ones who hurt you today.  So, share your bits and pieces and let those coming behind you know and feel your joy, horror, pain and love and be big enough to let them in to see your sideshow.  Keep going, let the door open, share…let in the light without excuse or explanation…we owe no one nothing…only to let them see…until we beat as one heart as we connect with our human race.

Whether painful or joyful, hopeful or grieving, dark or light…those bits of life are what make us human, that shape us, propels us to go on, make us suffer and curse our destiny…are the biggest gift we can give in sharing.  Let it rip, without cover-up or shame…who knows who you may touch, help or save.

We learn to change out of necessity, to challenge so we may survive.  The bravery to put it out there gives us all the chance to live many times, in many worlds, walking many paths in just one lifetime and to feel as one heart as we connect with our human race.  You are bigger,you can be bigger and shine brighter  like a candle for everyone child...every human...every heart... that follows you...if you dare. 

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