Thursday, February 16, 2012

Snowy Tucson Valentine’s Day

On Valentine’s Day, 2/14/12, I had a 9 a.m. appointment at the Oro Valley Hospital Medical Center.  I didn’t get out until 11 and went across the road to the Oro Valley Marketplace.  I slept three hours the night before and was feeling it.

I don’t go this retail complex often because it’s outside and the layout isn’t user friendly for a walker.  They have great stores including DSW shoes, Ulta, Petco, Best Buy, Dick’s and World Cost Market.  I love the theatre there.  My only complaint is it’s tucked into a corner of this mega outdoor place and you could walk, but, I don’t.  It’s too far; I drive to that parking lot.

I realized I was going to need to eat soon.  There are lots of restaurants, but nothing in the way of fast food places.  But before eating I wanted to make stops at DSW, where I usually meet the Holy Grail of Shoe bargains and then to Ulta…I know DIVA.

By now it’s around 12 or so, and my fall back spot for nourishment is Wal-Mart’s and their McDonalds. After, I had a couple of things to pick up quickly, including my honey’s Valentine’s Day card.  I thought I had gotten one, but couldn’t find it when I searched the night before.   I had another appointment at 2 p.m. across from the Tucson Foothills Mall, maybe five miles away.  My husband told me in the morning he had made dinner reservations for the heart day and I had to be ready to go at 5:40 p.m.  Pressure on.  Still would need to shower, do hair and makeup and figure out what to wear.

I ran over to the nail palace and was told there was a ½ hour wait…hmm…clock ticking.  Long story I won’t get into now about why this was also a priority.  I shopped and went to the checkout.   A new line opened and the cashier beckoned me over.  She was dripping wet.  She said it was snowing out. 

Say what?  I went back to the nail palace.  It’s around 12:30 and they tell me, yes, 5 minutes and we take you.  I tell them I absolutely have to be out of there at 1:30 p.m. as I have to be somewhere at 2 p.m.  No problem nice lady says.  I plunk down with bags next to a lady in her chair in front of the salon employee who had told me, 5 minutes.  I asked if I could stash my bag under the desk so I could run out and try to take pictures of the snow.  “Sure” says the friendly lady, “just shove them under and I’ll watch for you.   Let me tell you about my citrus trees, I just got them over the weekend and you know what I had to do…?”  As soon as she stopped to breathe, I got up and left.

I look in my purse.   90% of the time it inexplicably contains my camera.  I say that because it’s not like I’m a professional photographer.  This was the 10% time, I didn’t have it.  I could take pictures or video with my phone.  I went running (loping) down the length of the super-giant Wal-Mart and as I approach the glass exit I saw it.  It was blowing, snowing big, white snowflakes drifting sideways. 

 Everyone was amazed, watching from inside or running into the store out of the wet as I was running out.  Some came back in mumbling they couldn’t capture the snow on their phones, it wouldn’t show up. 

I went to my videos and struggled momentarily to remember how to record.  I did a cheery news lady announcement, which evidently I did when it wasn’t running.  But somehow blinded and wet, I managed to get to the record button.   When I’m excited, I move fast, talk a lot and use my hands.  I will attach the snow video for your amazement or amusement, just excuse the initial big thumb view and the "what the hey" announcements from me.   

I didn’t know if I got footage and asked some guy who had to ditch his motorcycle and was slumped in Wal-Mart’s overhang to wait it out, if he would take a picture or my jacket, which was now full of big white things.  He tried, and said it wasn’t working.  I looked at my camera, fidgeted with it and he said, “Maybe it’s wet?”  It then powered down, battery dead.  

 I recharged much later, as I was out until about 8:30 p.m.  Imagine my shock late Wednesday when I got around to opening my phone and found I did make a video.  Oh and I do have two pictures but you can’t see the snow, so I won’t bother showing you. Now, my only problem is my Outlook isn’t running on this laptop, so I couldn’t send my post to my PC.  Last night, I sent the video via camera to my e-mail, but it is on the PC.  I hate this stuff.  So, I’m going to post this post first and then go to the PC to do an edit and upload the video.  It’s not an easy life, but, I am compelled.  When I got to do something, I got to do it.

Today the high is supposed to be somewhere in the 50’s, icy for us here and they are threatening showers today and tomorrow.  There is snow on the mountains now.  One thing about Tucson, as I’ve said before, we have that weather advantage.  Those promoted showers could be rain, a total mistake in the forecast…or MORE SNOW.  I have everything charged and ready never know…just saying.

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